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Free Mini Course: 
Begin Your Journey Toward  an Athletic, 
Flexible, Pain-free Body

In this course, I'll teach you my 3 favorite movement concepts to help you achieve what I consider the "ideal outcomes" of movement training: athleticism, flexibility and dissolution of pain. Here's what you'll learn:


1) Moscow Ballet Flexibility Routine: Discover this 100-year-old technique, missed by The West, which finally released the muscles of my feet, calves, hamstrings, hips, back and neck. (Plus, it strengthens at the same time!).


2) Dissolve Pain with "Micro Muscle Movements": Believe it or not, painful muscular tensions are initiated and maintained by the mind. I'll teach you why and how targeted, deep-focus "micro muscle contractions" can instantly (literally) release mind-induced tensions from painful muscles.


3) Full Body Mobilization: Watch or follow along with this low-medium intensity workout inspired by American Boxing, Russian Gymnastics and Chinese Qigong to learn the correct mechanics of every muscle and joint of your body, head to toe.

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Some gymnastics in Moscow, and calisthenics in Barcelona :)

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