About Me


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That’s me in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with a sculpture of my favorite “Russian” singer, Victor Tsoi. I’ve studied around 700 hours of Russian over 2 years, but am nowhere near fluent. Apparently around 2000 hours are required on average.

On the “Movement” side of things… Well, my story is rather simple. Until age 30, I didn’t have a proper “connection” to my physical experience. When that happens, your muscles can get tight, you can lose your mobility/flexibility and the joints and muscles can hurt a quite a bit. That was quite terrible for me. Luckily, I finally (after 12 years, from age 18) met 2 mentors: Eero Westerberg and Egwin Ertl, who taught me enough to get on the path to recovery.

I’ve learned so much from them, and now I suppose I’m reasonably good at movement. I do gymnastics and boxing. I think that for the next 3-5 years my major project will be to develop an extensive library of education about movement.

I come from a mathematics+engineering background, so I teach in a very comprehensive, analytical way, and I think my teaching style can be valuable to other analytical people who really need to understand something to make progress in it.



My first course “How to Move Your Body” represents the culmination of my first twenty months of movement education. There is certainly more to say about movement than what is in this course, though for anyone at the beginning of their “movement journey” (I know, it’s a geeky term), this product will take you so far.

Even though it’s my own course, I’d like to sincerely recommend that you purchase it as soon as possible. I ensured that the benefits you will receive are worth at least 10 times the money you pay for it.

If you’d like to know a few other things about me…. Well…

Influences: Ayn Rand, Eben Pagan, Alan Watts, Owen Cook, Eero Westerberg, Egwin Ertl.

Music: Led Zeppelin, Tool, The Beatles, Metallica, The Eagles, Victor Tsoi, David Bowie, Alanis Morissette, Dream Theater, Mars Volta, Creedence Cleerwater Revival, David Bowie.

Films: The Godfather I & II, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Star Wars (Old), The Matrix, Interstellar, Terminator 2, Gladiator, Oldboy, Braveheart, Good Will Hunting, The Good the Bad & the Ugly.

Other things that are good: Mario Kart, Moscow, Laissez-Faire, Objectivism, Boxing, Gymnastics, Chess, Florence, Goldeneye & Perfect Dark, Coffee, Dairy, self-development, irony, styxhexenhammer666.

Finally, whether you choose to invest in my course(s) or not, good luck with everything!